George Hewlett

George was born and raised in upstate New York. In his early years his dad raised Black Angus cattle on their family-owned farm. George attended Paul Smith College and graduated with a degree in Hospitality. He put that degree to good use with Marriott Hotels as well as a few other hospitality leaders for about 30 years. George started his career in Orlando, FL; his promotions also brought him to live in Ft. Lauderdale, Daytona, Jacksonville, FL; and Springfield IL; before landing in Hendersonville. He and his family came to Hendersonville in 2011, where he accepted a position at the Sheraton in downtown Nashville. Once again the opportunity arrived to relocate; however, this time George decided to give up the hospitality industry and stay right here in Hendersonville. He has always wanted to apply his customer service training and creativity to own his own business. He combined these with his life-long dream of opening a meat market to start G's meats n more.

Gina Hewlett

Gina was raised in Chicago and moved to Orlando, where she met George. She enjoys her full time job as a tile designer almost as much as she loves serving the customers at G’s. Gina and George met while they were working for Marriott and still prove to be great partners in anything they collaborate on.

Zackery Snow

Zachery is twenty-two years old and our only son. Among many other reasons for opening G’s, one of the best is that Zackery can work with us. He has Autism which makes it difficult for him to work in many environments. Zack loves people and has a great sense of humor. He has also done very well working as support in the production area.

Hannah Hewlett

Hananah is our youngest child at sixteen. Hannah has proven to be very adaptable - born in Florida, elementary school in Illinois, and from the middle of 7th grade to the present, Hendersonville, TN. Hannah is a natural in customer service and is doing a great job learning the family business.